Why did I write this book? Because years after it ended, the story remains extremely relevant. ENVIRONMENTALLY it is important. The details of how a world-class waste management opportunity was developed, approved and supported by thousands of reasonable people, in the face of violent opposition forces, needs to be told. POLITICALLY it is the story of politicians who put personal agendas in priority to the best solutions for the environment. It is a BUSINESS story detailing how North American waste companies worked to maintain market dominance by using landfills in the United States. It is a story about the critical role of the MEDIA in shaping public opinion and political agendas. And finally it is a story about ordinary PEOPLE who had their lives impacted for over fourteen years and who cared about the future of their community.

My final hope is that having told the real story, it will positively impact effective and progressive environmental decision making in Canada and North American in the years ahead - for people on all sides of an issue.